Workers CompensationDo I Have to Use a Designated Doctor for Workers’ Comp?

Use a Designated Doctor for WorkersSometimes, after suffering a work injury, you’ll get a letter stating that you have to go to a designated doctor for examination. A designated doctor is a doctor the Texas Department of Insurance – Division of Workers’ Compensation (TDI-DWC) selects to conduct a medical examination of you, review your medical records, question you about your injuries and to provide his or her medical opinion. The doctor may need to determine things like:

  • Whether you have a disability
  • What diagnoses your workers’ comp claim should include
  • Whether you have achieved maximum medical improvement from your injury or
  • What your impairment rating is

Among other questions.

Do I Have to Go to the Designated Doctor, Or Can I Go to My Own?

If the TDI-DWC orders you to get an examination with a designated doctor, then you must attend that examination to progress in your workers’ comp claim. However, it is possible to challenge an order of this nature if there is a dispute over whether the order was proper or not. Grounds for a dispute might include things like the doctor’s qualification for the job, appointments that occur too frequently or appointments based on issues that medical examinations have already addressed.

Speaking to a workers’ compensation attorney about your requirements to obtain workers’ comp is the best way to clear up any confusion you might have. It’s a complex, but important, process. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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