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“I looked at several attorney’s for my husband’s case, and Aaron looks like he was the best one. He was the best Workers’ Comp attorney in our area of Texas. So, we called and made an appointment for an initial visit. Once we talked to him we got that he knows his job. Plus he’s very nice and very personable. We could tell that right away.”

— Mrs. Maria Caballero, Austin, Texas

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Out of the 95,000 lawyers in Texas, approximately 40 represent injured workers, including us.

The Law Offices of Aaron Allison is a small law firm that specializes in personal injury and workers compensation. started in 1978, the firm is now run by the founder’s son, Aaron Allison. As an Austin personal injury lawyer, Aaron upholds the legacy his father began more than 30 years ago and continues to build upon the foundation of success laid by his father while supporting the community and assisting injured and grieving victims.

We help people injured by the negligent acts of others. We can also help you if you were injured at work. Unlike nearly all Austin attorneys, we do not back away from handling workers compensation claims.

Aaron knows how difficult it is to move on with your life when your family is dealing with a serious injury. This is why we get to work on your case immediately by conducting as accident investigation and ensuring that you meet any important filing deadlines. We will also begin preparing a strategy for both settlement negotiations and courtroom litigation, guaranteeing that we are prepared for any possible outcome. While you recover physically, our law firm focuses on securing the financial compensation you need to get back on your feet and begin rebuilding your life and preserving your family’s future in Austin or elsewhere in Texas

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  • When you hire Aaron Allison, you get Aaron Allison.
    He will be the only one working only our case and you will work directly with him.
    He is your Austin Personal Injury Lawyer
  • When you call our office you will either get a live representative, or if it’s after business hours, you’ll be asked to leave a message
  • Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief description of your situation
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