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After a spinal cord injury, the lifetime medical costs can be staggering.

At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, our Austin spinal injury lawyer has extensive experience with damages or benefit claims for neck, back and spinal cord injuries. Since 1978, our law firm has provided professional and aggressive legal counsel to the injured citizens of the Austin area and throughout Texas. We are a small, specialized firm that only takes legitimate cases likely to recover compensation for the victim.

If you suffered a serious back or spinal cord injury, then it is necessary that you reach out to a local Austin lawyer as soon as possible. This is especially true if this was an injury at work.

Austin Back Injury Lawyer Talks About What Happens After Back & Spinal Injury

In our practice, we have helped people collect damages for a spinal injury that resulted in the following:

  • Severe sprains and strains of the soft tissues in the neck or back
  • Herniated discs that present a strong likelihood for surgery
  • Orthopedic problems with vertebrae in the neck or back
  • Severe neck or back injuries resulting in paralysis, including paraplegia

Caring for Someone with Severe Spinal Cord Injuries

Our Austin back injury attorney firm assists children and adults who suffer a spinal injury with the same care and determination we use in on-the-job injury cases. Such injuries to children are particularly upsetting. A traumatic injury can bring childhood development to a standstill. This can then cause the child to fall behind in developing new skills and enjoying new experiences.

Adults and children with spinal cord damage may never again have a “normal life”. They will likely have to live with special accommodations, such as:

  • Motorized wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Home remodeling needs, such as widened doorways, lowered counters and bars installed in bathrooms
  • Installed or portable ramps to allow for entry and exit from the home in a wheelchair or with a walker

What are the Lifetime Medical Costs for a Spinal Cord Injury Victim?

Anyone living with the short-term or permanent disability caused by a serious back or spinal injury will likely face a range of medical issues related to their injuries. Families may be able to provide care in some situations. However, the individuals with spinal cord injuries may eventually need paid, personal care attendants.

According to studies from the Centers for Disease Control, the lifetime costs of living with a spinal cord injury can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, severe injuries can total closer to several million. When a spinal injury limits or takes away your ability to work, or you are a parent who has taken off time from work to care for your child with a severe injury, where will the money to pay the medical bills come from?

We believe the person or company who failed in their duty to protect your safety should help with these costs. This gives your family financial comfort and relieves stress connected to your ability to afford future care. Because of this, our attorney fights aggressively oto gain maximum recovery for clients facing these exact situations.

Call An Austin Spinal Cord Injury Attorney You Can Trust

Our attorney is here to help if you or your child has suffered a catastrophic injury. Call our local injury hotline today at (512) 474-8346. By calling, you can get honest answers for your legal questions about back or spinal cord injury lawsuits answered in a free consultation with an attorney. We also work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not collect attorney fees unless we first secure compensation for you.

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