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Free consultation with an Austin workers compensation attorney to get help understanding your rights after a work accident at a hospital, nursing home or patient residence.Despite what many people think, working in the health care industry can be a dangerous occupation. In our practice, we work with many people in the nursing and home health care profession who have suffered a serious injury on the job.

If you need help understanding your right to compensation for an accident suffered while working at a hospital, nursing home or a patient’s residence, our Austin workers compensation attorney may be able to help. Our law firm has assisted injured workers since 1978, and we are one of the few law firms in Texas dedicated to resolving workers compensation disputes. The law firm founder’s son, workers comp attorney Aaron Allison continue his legacy of successfully helping workers injured in Austin.

How Much Can I Collect in Workers Compensation Benefits?

The amount you can collect for a health care accident depends on many factors. The full compensation you recover should reflect the severity and extent of your injury as well as how long you will be away from work. However, another important factor is whether you can file a lawsuit for all of your personal injury damages, or whether you will be limited to the lesser amounts available under Texas workers compensation laws.

Workers comp usually only covers lost income and medical expenses. For the most serious injuries, you receive an impairment rating that guarantees three weeks’ salary for each percentage point of impairment. For example, if you are found to have 10 percent impairment, you get 30 weeks of pay.

As your Austin workers compensation attorney, our law firm works to make sure that you collect as much as you can from all available sources. While we are helping you with your workers compensation claim, we will investigate the possibility of legal action for personal injury damages against the parties responsible for your accident. Although every case is different, the recovery for a personal injury claim is usually greater than a workers compensation case. In some cases, we can help you get both.

We Represent Workers Regardless of Immigration Status

Our Austin workers comp attorney can advise and represent you in a hospital injury claims regardless of your visa status or documentation. You do not have to worry about immigration problems if you are hurt on the job.

Whether your problem is a back injury, such as a herniated disc, soft tissue damage in a shoulder or wrist or blunt force trauma in a job-related vehicle accident, we can make an accurate estimate of the value of your claims and go to work to resolve them. For a free consultation, contact our Austin workers compensation attorney. Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not collect attorney fees unless we first secure compensation for you.

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