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Uber, Lyft and Taxi Accident AttorneyWhile Uber and Lyft are no longer operating in Austin, many other rideshare and taxi companies continue to transport people around the city. For example, Fare, Fasten, GetMe and RideAustin are just some of the rideshare options currently available. While these kinds of services may go a long way toward reducing the number of drunk driving accidents, taxi and rideshare passengers may still sustain serious personal injuries if their driver is negligent.

In the event of a car crash caused by a cab or rideshare driver, it can be difficult for passengers to recover compensation for their injuries and damages. This is especially true as insurance requirements and regulations are always changing. However, an Austin car accident lawyer like Aaron Allison can help you untangle these complex insurance rules and file a claim for the compensation you deserve.

As technologies like ridesharing apps evolve, laws and regulations must change as well. While these changes are usually for the better, they can create confusion as well. For example, car crash injury victims may not know their rights after a taxi or rideshare accident. Therefore, if you sustain injuries in a collision involving a cab or rideshare driver, consult with a car accident lawyer. Austin attorney Aaron Allison offers free initial consultations so that you can learn your legal options with no obligation.

Who is Liable for Passenger Injuries in Taxi and Ridesharing Accidents?

Liability in rideshare and taxi cab accidents is determined in the same way as regular car accidents. That is, any driver involved may be liable or drivers may share liability, depending on the circumstances and negligence involved. However, passengers in taxi cabs and other vehicles are generally not responsible at all for a crash. This means that, if you sustained a personal injury while riding in a taxi or rideshare car, you can almost always collect compensation from someone’s insurance. This may include your driver’s policy as well as the insurance of any other driver involved.

If you were struck by a cab or rideshare driver as a pedestrian or bicyclist, then you may be able to recover compensation as well. Although, Texas comparative fault laws may bar you from recovery if you bear most of responsibility for the car crash. This means, if you contributed to 50 percent or less of the wreck, you can file a personal injury claim.

Is Insurance Required for Taxi and Rideshare Drivers in Texas?

In the event that the rideshare or cab driver is to blame, then your options for recovery depend on who insures the vehicle. Texas laws require all drivers on the road to carry car insurance. However, taxi cab and rideshare drivers may require an additional policy or higher amount of coverage, depending on local regulations. Most taxi cab companies provide commercial car insurance for their drivers, which will cover passenger injuries. If the driver owns the vehicle or operates independently, then the driver may be personally responsible for having insurance. The minimum amount of insurance required for taxis is the same as personal policy minimums. In Texas, that means a taxi company or driver must carry $30,000 of personal injury liability protection per person, $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage.

If you sustained injuries as a rideshare passenger, your claim may be much more complex. Ridesharing companies must provide a certain level of insurance for drivers who are actively “working.” In general, this means the time between accepting a fare arriving at the passenger’s destination. In many cases, these companies may carry up to $1 million in liability protection. However, rideshare companies usually contend that, after car accidents, rideshare drivers must use their personal car insurance policies to pay for the damages. Then, the company’s insurance will only cover damages in excess of the personal policy.

For personal injury victims, this can mean dealing with different insurance companies that both deny liability and refuse to pay. Therefore, if a taxi or rideshare driver caused your injuries or loved one’s wrongful death, contact an Austin car accident lawyer today. An attorney can deal with difficult insurance adjusters for you and fight to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Hurt in a Taxi or While Ridesharing? Contact Our Austin Car Accident Lawyer

Filing a claim for any kind of car crash can be confusing. However, if a taxi or rideshare driver was to blame, you may face additional difficulties. Austin car accident lawyer Aaron Allison can eliminate this confusion. He can investigate your wreck and represent your personal injury or wrongful death claim so you can concentrate on healing.

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