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Our Dallas workers compensation attorney represents North Texas residents injured working for employers who do not carry workers compensation insurance.At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we represent Dallas residents injured while working for employers who do not carry workers compensation insurance. While the law does not require employers to provide workers comp, it does not limit your options or the employer’s responsibility for your damages. With experience in workers compensation, non subscriber workers compensation and personal injury claims, we have the experience to overcome the complex legal obstacles and obtain reasonable compensation for you.

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Texas is unique in that employers are not required to carry workers compensation insurance. This law, coupled with the high cost of insurance premiums, has caused over 40 percent of Texas businesses to opt out of workers comp insurance and become non subscribers.

If an employer carries workers comp insurance, Texas workers compensation laws shield Dallas-area employers from negligence lawsuits brought by their employees when the employee is hurt on the job. In cases like these, workers compensation claims are filed against the insurance provider, not the company. However, non subscribers, or those employers who have opted out of the workers compensation system, can be subjected to a personal injury negligence claim.

In either situation, injured workers can seek different forms of monetary relief. A typical workers comp claim seeks compensation for medical expenses and lost wages suffered while an individual recovers from a workplace injury. With a personal injury claim, additional damage payments may be available to compensate for emotional suffering, damaged property, damaged equipment and loss of earning potential.

Third-Party Injury Claims

Some Dallas workers comp claims involve the negligence of a third party. Negligent subcontractors, defective equipment, dangerous site conditions or an inattentive driver crashing into a company car are common causes of third-party liability claims.

In the event of a third party causing serious injuries, you may be able to recover compensation through both a workers compensation claim and a personal injury case. Our Dallas workers compensation attorney will investigate the accident, and we will use our resources and experience to hold all involved parties accountable for their actions.

Dallas workers compensation attorney Aaron Allison started working at his father’s law firm as a teenager, and he has dedicated his life to the practice of law ever since. He handles workers comp and personal injury claims at a small, specialized law firm in Austin, upholding his father’s legacy to justice.

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All injured workers have rights and options under the law. If you were hurt on the job, we can help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Contact our Dallas workers compensation attorney online, or give our office a call at (512) 474-8346.

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