What Others Have To Say About Working With Aaron Allison

“I needed an attorney, I had a fall at work and they basically denied my workman’s comp. My wife, she knew that we needed an attorney, and she really just jumped on it, pretty much. The long and short of it is we decided to go forward with it. In my experience with Aaron, he was everything that his reviews said and he did exactly what he said he was going to do. He kept in touch with me he kept my wife in the loop constantly. He fought to the very end successfully. For that, I commend him.”

— Thomas Hastings & Wife, Austin, Texas

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“My wife set everything up, she found Aaron, because I was in the hospital. It’s such a sea of B.S., you really have to talk to a bunch of lawyers to figure out which one is actually worth it. You have to be wary of who you are talking to when looking for an attorney. But not Aaron. Me and Aaron, we hit it off right from the get go. You can tell he’s a real person.”

— Cody Cassel Family, Austin, Texas

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“If your in an accident or have an issue with a workers comp issue Aaron Allison is the guy to call. He is the attorney who will get you everything you need plus will give you the right advise on what to do and how to do it. Mr. Allison will take time out of his day, which can be hours, talking to you and giving you valuable advise on your legal issues. He always calls you back and always remembers details of what you have discussed in the past. One of my favorite things about him is he is not your typical B.S. attorney your used to dealing with. He always talks to you in a honest and straight forward way and he always clarifies if you don’t understand. Very easy guy to talk to, who will fight tooth and nail for you and will always have your best interest at heart.”

— Benjamin Price, Austin, Texas

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“God forbid you ever find yourself hurt at work or play, hire him! I can’t say enough great things about Aaron and his team. They are reliable and attentive while at the same time fight hard to ensure a desirable outcome. It is awful to have to get an attorney, but Aaron made the process so much easier and less stressful!”

— Todd Johnson, Austin, Texas

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“Aaron, I appreciate all of the hard work. I know that you will not rest and you will not stop going after the people who hurt me. I am blessed and thankful for you and your staff. Thank you for stepping in and helping me get through this very difficult and life changing event. You always take time for me, you explain things to me, you never make me feel like I’m bothering you. I have never needed an attorney before and do not know or understand how things work. You are a good man and I trust you whole heartedly. Thank you again.”

— Jennifer Pierce, Austin, Texas

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“Worker’s comp was like year we’re denying that, we’re not responsible. I thought, that’s why I’m going to get a Worker’s Comp Attorney. I got a sit down consultation and then I was able to talk to it over. He said, if this is something you’re willing to do, I can definitely help. He explained everything real down to earth. This is what I was looking for, someone that could really help.”

— Matthrew Finto, Austin, Texas

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Aaron Allison Takes On Difficult Cases

“I’m a firefighter. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Due to the nature of the work itself firefighters come down with this occupational disease. So, generally speaking, most of these cases are denied by insurance companies.

My past attorney just wasn’t following up with me. So I searched for another attorney.

In my case, there were some folks (attorneys) that would not take it. The fact is that it’s really difficult to handle my kind of case. Sometimes people get tired and bewildered, and typically that’s what these big insurance companies do, they deny claims and wait for you to get tired.

I reached out and Mr. Allison contacted me back. He said he’d be happy to help me out. So our paths crossed. Aaron has been very responsive. He is totally on board with making phone calls, emails, and he is always very transparent about the situation. He worked until he was succesful and I was very pleased.

For me, this is essentially a huge sense of relief. Just knowing that if something should happen to me. If I should succumb to this, my family will now be taken care of.

Here’s my advice: If you’re not happy with your current attorney. Aaron really wants to help. He seems very, very, very willing to take on the case and he jumped right in. “

— Matthrew Simpsom, Firefighter, Austin, Texas

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