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Austin personal injury attorney helps victims of a bike accident, including college students, bike commuters & other cyclists, recover fair compensation.All over Austin, bicycles are becoming more and more prevalent — not only as recreation but also as commuter transportation. The city has a strong commitment to helping its citizens live a green lifestyle. Bikers are taking advantage of the environmental and health benefits, the beautiful weather and great riding areas like the Town Lake hike and bike path. With this increased bicycle presence, however, there has also been a substantial increase in the number of serious and fatal bike accidents involving cars and other motor vehicles.

Bike Accident Lawyer in Austin, Texas

Our experienced Austin personal injury attorney helps victims of bicycle accidents — including college students, bike commuters and other bicyclists — recover fair compensation for their injuries. In fact, our law firm has helped injured Austin residents since 1978. Our firm only takes cases that we strongly believe have a chance of recovering financial compensation. We offer free consultations so you can find out if you have a potential case.

If you have been injured in a bike accident anywhere in Austin, on the UT campus or on one of our many bike trails, contact us online or call (512) 474-8346.

The Dangers of Biking in Austin

The vast majority of serious bike crashes result from bikes competing on the road with cars, trucks and motorcycles. Unlike some other cities, Austin has no ordinance restricting the right of bikers to use the road. It is not uncommon to see bike clubs riding in a group formation on Austin roads. Matters are even more complicated when motorists:

  • Fail to yield the right of way
  • Make an illegal turn
  • Run red lights
  • Speed
  • Text while driving
  • Improperly enter crosswalks

Bike Accidents on College Campuses

The University of Texas at Austin, the second largest public university in the U.S., sees an ever larger percentage of its more than 55,000 students relying on bikes. With an increase in bike use, however, comes an increase in the number of bike accidents.

We represent people injured in bicycle accidents on college campuses throughout the Austin area. If you were hurt while biking to class, then contact our lawyer to learn how he can help.

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