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hit-and-run-accidentsCurrently, near 1.2 million people in the beauty care industry may be frequently exposed to harmful chemicals in their work environment. Roughly 375,000 nail technicians out of this number are at even greater risk for chemical exposure due to the materials they work with on a daily basis.

The polishers, glues, removers, buffers, hairsprays, and other beauty products contain toxic chemicals that can spark a variety of health issues. According to studies, salon workers often describe skin, respiratory and musculoskeletal problems, along with neurological disorders and depression.

The chemicals that nail technicians work with daily have been linked to asthma, reproductive issues, and cancer. One study cites that 60 percent of salon workers have some form of a skin condition. Dozens of other studies highlight the disproportionately high rates of asthma diagnosis in salon workers. A study in Boston found that 44 percent of nail salon workers had headaches while at work, and 28 percent experience lightheadedness or an inability to concentrate.

Salon products often contain formaldehyde, toluene, and ammonium persulfate among other harmful chemicals that come into contact with the worker in a variety of ways. Dust shavings from filed nails containing polishes and buffers can settle on skin, harmful vapors can be inhaled and chemicals can even be ingested while the worker is on a lunch break.

Salons could help protect workers by utilizing better ventilation, providing safety equipment, and using safer products. Recently, there has been a call for stricter legislation in regard to the workplace safety of salons.

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