Wrongful DeathAccidents Occur When OSHA Regulations Are Ignored

Photo of construction workersThere was a construction collapse Monday, March 23, in downtown Raleigh when the scaffolding fell to the ground, killing three construction workers and leaving another seriously injured. The unnecessary loss of life is tragic, and instances like these can potentially be avoided if employers and construction site managers had provided a safe working environment, trained their employees properly and followed OSHA’s guidelines.

Currently within the construction industry, high-rise offices and apartments are all the rage. This means the operation of dangerous equipment and climbing platforms demands stringent safety conditions and guidelines. Many of these workers require special training to operate the machinery safely and effectively.

What Caused The Scaffolding Accident?

OSHA investigators are currently determining exactly what caused the collapse. They are inquiring whether the men had been properly trained to work on the mast climber, if they followed proper procedure, and if the device was properly installed.

OSHA workplace standards of safety are put in place to prevent life-threatening accidents. Responsible contractors look closely for safety violations. The construction industry relies heavily on Latino workers, and many labor advocates point out the fact that Latino workers suffer an abnormally high fatality rate in this industry because the workers don’t receive enough training or receive the safety equipment they need on the job. A lapse of judgement for a construction site managers can cause people their lives or serious injury. This is unacceptable.

If you sustained an injury in a work environment or from unsafe work conditions, it is important that you contact an attorney for information about workers’ compensation or personal injury litigation.

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