Video LibraryDo I Need to File an Incident Report After a Work Injury?

Austin Attorney Explains Why an Incident Report Is Important

It is incredibly important for any worker injured on the job to make sure that his or her supervisor or employer creates an incident report to detail the circumstances that led to personal injury. An incident report is an important step of many that must be taken for a workers’ comp claim to be filed correctly and to avoid a denied claim. In this video, Austin, TX workers compensation attorney Aaron Allison explains how insurance companies do everything in their power to avoid paying workers’ comp claims and how an incident report can help your case.

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Video Transcription:

The importance of the incident report is being able to document the injury. And in the event that the insurance carrier denies that the employee was injured on the job, it provides evidence to present to the judge at their trial. Under Texas workers compensation law, a workers compensation insurance carrier upon notification of an on-the-job injury has 15 days to make a decision whether they’re going to initially accept the claim or deny the claim. In many situations, the insurance carriers in workers’ compensation will deny the claim. More than 60 percent of the time, the workers compensation insurance companies will deny the claim for one reason or another. One of the most common denials in workers’ compensation law is that the injured employee did not sustain an injury on the job. It’s called a course and scope denial from the insurance company. The second most popular denial at the insurance companies is called an extent of injury denial. That’s where the insurance company is specifically denying or disputing a specific injury that the employee has or has sustained.

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