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Austin, TX Workers Comp Employee Explains the Claims Process

How does the workers compensation system work in the State of Texas? Texas is a unique state in that it does not require all employers to subscribe to the workers comp system. In some cases, this is beneficial to an injured worker; in other cases, it can further harm the injured worker. This is why if you’ve been injured on the job, it is essential to have the situation reviewed by qualified legal counsel. In this video, Aaron Allison explains how recent law changes have affected the system and why it is more difficult now than it used to be to obtain the workers comp benefits you deserve.

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Video Transcription:

Well, since they rewrote the law in 1991, the Texas Workers Compensation System is administrated by the State of Texas, by the Department of Insurance Division of Workers Comp. It’s a sub-agency of the Texas Department of Insurance and along with that is a lot of bureaucracy that comes with a state agency administrating a piece of legislation which is law. Before 1991, in the State of Texas, we took our cases in front of the Accident Industrial Board. The law was much more simplistic, not nearly as bureaucratic, in about 97 percent of all workers’ compensation cases were settled without the need for a hearing. Today, more than 97 to 98 percent of all workers’ compensation cases will go to a bench trial in front of a judge. There are very few settlements in workers’ comp.

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