Austin, TXHow Did This Gravel Truck Lose Control on 2222?

Car AccidentsYou may have already seen the viral video taken from a dashboard camera at the intersection of Jester Boulevard and FM 2222. It begins with several cars sitting at a stop light. A small car pulls up, hoping to turn right. Suddenly, a giant flash of red comes from behind as a dump truck slams into the smaller car, drags it into the center of 2222 during traffic, hits five other cars along the way before the truck topples over a bridge. Witnesses removed the truck driver from the gravel truck just before it caught fire.

Four were injured in the accident, but thankfully, all involved in the accident survived.

Investigators Found the Gravel Truck’s Brakes Failed

According to a police report, the dump truck’s brakes failed at the top of the hill on Jester Boulevard. The hill is steep, which caused the truck to gain momentum and wreak havoc on the intersection. However, the report suggests other factors may be responsible for the accident, so the investigation is still ongoing.

The truck company that owns the gravel truck has more than 20 safety violations recorded, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT). These violations include:

  • Broken turn signals
  • Trucks that are operating without undergoing inspection
  • Failed headlights
  • Failed taillights
  • Exhaust leaks
  • Grease and oil leaks

US DOT records show the truck had also been in another car accident just two months prior. However, the owner of the truck company released a statement saying the truck’s brakes had been inspected just that weekend. That said, hopefully the investigation gives some answers to those who were a part of this horrifying experience.

Truck Companies Must Maintain Their Trucks to Keep Other Drivers Safe

Although the owner of the truck company insists the brakes were inspected, the long list of safety violations implies that negligence may have been a factor in this accident. These inspections and safety regulations for large trucks exists for a reason, as is proven in the viral video. Truck companies must maintain all aspects of their trucks before they allow them to be driven on the road. Otherwise, they are putting many innocent drivers at risk for serious injury.

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