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Texas Workers Compensation Laws May Protect You

Photo of construction workersSince 1978, our Austin law firm has offered competent and honest legal representation to injured workers and their families. We understand that a serious injury jeopardizes a person’s ability to earn a living and support his or her family. As a small law firm, we give each of our clients individual attention and personalized legal counsel. We only take cases that are legitimate and that have a chance of recovering compensation.

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Of the 90,000 lawyers in the Lone Star state, only 40 represent workers who suffered a work injury. In central Texas, only four law firms accept and handle straight workers compensation cases. The Law Offices of Aaron Allison is proud to be one of the only firms in Texas that protects the rights of injured workers. Workers comp attorney Aaron Allison has won cases against companies as large as H-E-B, Lowes and Home Depot, along with several health care facilities.

Unlike most states, Texas employers are not required to carry workers compensation insurance. This creates confusion for an injured worker who is seeking compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages.

Texas workers compensation laws are complicated, and the claim process goes far beyond filling out a form following workplace accidents. Some employers have workers compensation coverage, while others choose non subscriber benefit plans. However, there are companies who choose to operate without insurance altogether.

You need an attorney at your side to walk you through the claim process and obtain the benefits you are entitled to by law. Our Austin workers compensation lawyer represents clients in a variety of industries throughout Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, including:

Compensation is also available in the event that you were injured by a third party while at work.

We Handle Clean Room Injuries and Illnesses

Clean room litigation has become a prominent part of our personal injury and workers compensation practice, as our law firm resides in a major center for semiconductor computer chip manufacturing. Hazardous chemicals used in the production of these chips have resulted in a high number of birth defects of children of clean room workers. Our Austin workers compensation lawyer has experience in pursuing these complex claims.

Professional and Aggressive Representation When You Need Help under Texas Workers Compensation Laws

Have concerns about your workers’ compensation claim in Texas? Our attorneys have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, along with answers to each question. You can review them here:

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Call our office today at (512) 474-8346, or contact our Austin workers comp attorney online if you are a worker who was injured at Home Depot or other job related injuries. We will take care of all the legal aspects of your case so that you can focus on healing and caring for your family. The initial consultation is free, and in many cases, we do not charge attorney fees unless we first secure compensation for you.