Did a Clean Room Make You Sick?

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Photo of a work stationAt The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we have earned a reputation throughout Texas and the country for representing clients involved in clean room litigation claims. This complex area of toxic tort law requires not only experience in workers compensation, but also an understanding of the semiconductor industry. We combine that background with an aggressive approach to obtain a result for our clients.

Our small, specialized law firm is committed to providing honest and competent legal representation. Our Austin workers compensation lawyer takes pride in working for one of only four law firms in central Texas that helps injured workers in workers compensation cases. We provide professional and aggressive representation you can trust.

Clean Rooms and Pregnancy and Birth Defects

At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we are one of a select number of firms nationwide experienced in filing toxic tort and birth injury claims.

The term “clean room” is a misnomer. Employees work in these environments for semiconductor computer chip manufacturers, and production of these chips involves chemicals that may include glycol ether, acid and acetone. The purpose of these rooms is to keep the chips clean, and they are not always completely safe for employees. These chemicals have been associated with serious and significant birth defects.

In Austin and the surrounding areas, pregnant women and those who may become pregnant can be exposed to these chemicals while working in the clean room environments. The result can be catastrophic and can involve major birth defects to their newborn children.

Texas Hazardous Chemical Injury Lawyer Holding Companies Responsible

Our job is to prove that manufacturers were aware of the dangers based on detailed studies of clean rooms performed by the semiconductor industry. We are currently litigating cases against semiconductor companies and have partnered with law firms throughout the United States.

If you and your child were forever changed because of exposure to chemicals in a clean room environment, we can fight for justice on your behalf. Whether you are seeking workers compensation or damages for your medical expenses and pain, we will work with you to get you what you need. Since 1978, we have provided honest and competent legal counsel to those in need.

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