Car AccidentsFour-Vehicle Collision in Austin Involving a Police Cruiser and an EMS Van Injures One

November 25, 2013by Aaron Allison

On November 20, an Austin Police Department (APD) cruiser and an Austin-Travis County EMS van were involved in an early morning collision in East Austin, at the intersection of 12th Street and Airport Boulevard.

Around 2:30 a.m., the EMS van and a police escort were stopped at a red light. An SUV headed in the opposite direction ran the red light and crashed into another SUV in the intersection. The SUV that ran the red light struck the EMS van, which then collided with the police cruiser.

The driver of the first SUV, a 31-year-old man, was critically injured.

The EMS workers and the patient inside the van, as well as the occupants of the other SUV, were taken to a local hospital. The APD officer in the police cruiser was uninjured.

The Vehicular Homicide Investigation Unit for the APD spent the morning on the scene gathering evidence. Investigators say alcohol may have been a factor in the collision.

An Intoxicated Driver Caused My Car Accident and I Need an Experienced Lawyer

Thousands of car accidents happen daily in the US, and the accidents have a variety of causes. Using drugs or drinking alcohol before driving a car is a dangerous game, because these substances impair judgment, slow reaction time, decrease coordination and weaken the senses. If someone gets behind the wheel of a two-ton machine after imbibing mind-altering substances, that driver puts everyone else on the road at risk of a serious car accident.

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