Premises LiabilityWorkers CompensationFaulty Hose Causes Worker to Drown to Death, Family Files Claim

A lawsuit alleging a man drowned after being struck by a hose on-the-job has been transferred out of Jefferson County. On September 13, a judge granted the motion to transfer the case to Parker County in Weatherford, Texas. The deceased man’s family filed a lawsuit in February in Jefferson County District Court against National Pump and Compressor, Caprock Energy Services and Chesapeake Energy Corp.

In their claim, the family alleges that the former employee was working for Caprock Energy Services, and was assigned to pump water from a large water pit at Chesapeake Energy Corp. by using a Pioneer Prime Series End-Suction Centrifugal Pump.

National Pump and Compressor had supplied the pump and had attached a discharge manifold, which consisted of two 8-inch lines and one 4-inch line. While the employee was attempting to pump water, the water pressure increased, becoming too intense.

“The four-inch discharge hose began to wave through the air, hitting [the employee] on the head and knocking him into a water retention pond, where he drowned,” the lawsuit states.

In the suit, the family blames their loved one’s employer for gross negligence, saying the company failed to provide a safe work environment/equipment and failed to provide adequate assistance. The family also blames Chesapeake for premises liability, stating the company failed to provide a safe, hazard-free environment and failed to properly supervise employees. National Pump and Compressor is accused of products liability for failing to provide a safer, non-defective hose.

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