In Galveston, Texas, two people were killed when a car crashed into a garbage truck. Accidents involving garbage trucks rarely make the news, but they are a major source of traumatic injuries, either for the workers aboard or for passengers of other vehicles.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, garbage truck workers have the seventh most deadly job in in the country. Additionally, waste management professional ranked fourth in worker injuries in the U.S. Regulations. Training and other safety precautions are in place to help prevent these accidents. When waste management industry accidents do occur, they can often be the fault of the company and not the fault of the worker.

Causes of Garbage Truck Injuries

  • Garbage truck workers can receive cuts, bruises and lacerations from objects in the truck or in the course of moving off and on the truck.
  • Getting clothes or an arm caught on the side of the garbage truck can lead to amputations, broken fingers and other injuries.
  • A garbage truck can flatten a trashcan as if it were made out of paper. When a garbage truck backs up into a worker, then it can cause traumatic injuries or death.
  • Accidents with other vehicles.
  • An employee could be inadequately trained, causing injury to another employee on accident. If this happens, the employer could be at fault for not adequately preparing the worker for the job.
  • A mechanical error could cause an injury due to a lack of safety procedures, such as routine maintenance.

Injuries are expensive; therefore, you will need to get as much compensation as you can for your injuries to pay for hospital costs, rehabilitation and lost wages.

Need an On–the-Job Injury Lawyer in Austin, Texas?

Garbage workers perform an important task for our community. As such, they deserve the maximum protection in the case of injury. If you have been injured on the job or lost someone that you love, then reach the law offices of The Law Offices of Aaron Allison. We take pride in assisting the workers of Austin, Texas.

Did you Know? The first “garbage truck” was a wagon used by a pair of Romans around the year 200.

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