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A 36-year-old Austin man named Kenneth Johnson has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) by an unknown rock thrower. The victim has had part of his skull removed. Currently, he is unable to communicate more than a few words, but he is able to walk around with a cane.

head-and-brain-injuriesThe rock thrower has yet to be identified, as he has yet to be caught. The police report that they believe that this person has been throwing rocks from a downtown Austin underpass since June of this year.

How Could a Lawyer Help Me If a Random Person Injures Me?

These situations are tricky. First, if the attacker is identified and caught, he could face criminal charges by the state. The victim could also bring civil charges against him or her for causing the injuries.

In some cases, a random attack may be the fault of a business, a hospital or even a city. Places such as schools, hotels and businesses can fall under premises liability, in which the business or organization may be at fault for not following preventative measures, such as failing to provide security in an area known to be dangerous. It is very important to contact a lawyer to figure out what avenues are available to you or your loved one if he or she is a victim of a random attack.

Need an Austin TBI Attorney?

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