The band Dropkick Murphys was involved in an Austin-area crash, killing a 23-year-old pedestrian around 3 a.m. The band was unhurt, but they cancelled their next concert.

Tour Bus Accidents Common in Texas

Notable Texas Tour Bus Accidents of the Last Year

Tour bus accidents are often reported in the news throughout the year.e buses are generally larger and more unwieldy than other buses; therefore, they can cause serious accidents to those within the bus and those in other vehicles. Sometimes these buses can hit signs or traffic lights because they are so tall. Notable Texas tour bus incidents of the last year include the following:

  • In May of this year, a tour bus traveling from El Paso to Los Angeles was involved in an accident involving four fatalities and dozens of injuries. A big rig carrying metal pipes had spilled its load of pipes on the highway after jackknifing.
  • Eleven months ago, a tour bus driver in Seguin lost control when changing lanes, causing him to crash into an embankment. Luckily, everyone survived, but some of the injuries were life threatening.
  • About a year ago, Willie Nelson’s tour bus crashed into a pillar of a bridge in East Texas, injuring three of his band members. The driver was driving the bus through heavy winds on wet roads. Willie Nelson was not on the bus.
  • Also about a year ago, two people were killed on a Mexican tour bus traveling from San Antonio to Matamoros, Mexico. A report says that a tire blew, causing the bus to swerve into the median.

These sorts of accidents occur across the country, and the injuries can often be severe and costly, such as is the case with traumatic brain injuries, or result in someone’s death. In any event, passengers who have been injured or who have lost someone could be eligible for compensation for hospital costs, lost wages and rehabilitation.

Do You Need a Bus Accident Attorney in Austin?

Many parties, including the owners of a tour bus, could be at fault for accidents and injuries that occur. Drivers should be trained properly and be alert on the road. Sometimes the bus is in questionable condition. If you think a negligent bus company is at fault for your injuries, then call our bus accident attorney today.

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