Austin, TXBicycle AccidentsCan Bicycling Lead to Major Injuries?

Ryan Trebon, a professional cyclist, is hoping to race in the USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Championship scheduled for January 2015 in Austin. He is currently recovering from three rib fractures and two vertebrae fractures suffered in a bike crash.
Bicycling Lead to Major Injuries
For Ryan Trebon, his spinal injury happened in the course of racing; however, many of these injuries can happen while riding back from work, from the store or while riding to a friend’s house.

What Kind of Injuries Are Common to Cyclists?

For urban cyclists, the roads can pose many dangers, especially at night. According to the American Family Physician (AAFP), the following are three regions of the body that are likely to be injured in a serious bicycle accident:

  • Injuries to the arms and legs

Injuries to the extremities are the most common bicycling injuries. These injuries can range from road rash to bone fractures. Road rash can be severe enough to leave a permanent mark as debris can become embedded in the skin.

  • Head and neck injuries

While not as common as arm and leg injuries, head injuries make up approximately 60 percent of bicycle fatalities. Bicyclists also must be aware of airborne objects, as eye trauma can occur among cyclists. Overall, neck injuries are rare, except in cases involving bicyclists crashing into cars.

  • Abdominal and pelvic injuries

Injuries in these areas are the rarest. They are more likely to happen through blunt injury or penetration, which can lead to internal organ damage. As such, these injuries are likely to be more common in serious accidents.

Regardless of the severity of an accident, if you are bleeding or bruised, you should seek a physician as soon as possible, as injuries may be more serious than they appear.

Seriously Injured in a Bicycle Accident in Austin, Texas?

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