Austin, TXAre Music Festivals Dangerous?

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of Austin’s greatest annual events, as musicians and music fans from all over the world come to our city to attend the music festival.

Unfortunately, the last SXSW included a car accident that left four people dead. Almost two dozen other people were injured in this same auto accident. Recently, the first wave of wrongful death lawsuits from this crash have arisen.
Music Festivals Dangerous
The lawsuits are trying to blame SXSW for allowing the tragic accident to occur. The lawyers for SXSW are not commenting on the lawsuit, but rather, are remarking on the prosecution of the driver, Rashad Owens. Currently, Owens is still in jail on capital murder charges. His alcohol level was above the legal limit, and he was attempting to flee the police.

The current lawsuits have been filed at both the state and federal level.

Can I Suffer an Injury Working at a Music Festival?

The Washington Post posted a new story of a 28-year-old female security guard who had suffered a severe brain injury when she was trampled by a crowd of people that had jumped a securing fence to avoid paying for tickets at the Ultra Music Festival.

Music festivals, as well as any event with a large gathering of people, can be a source of all sorts of personal injuries to attendees and to event staff. These injuries can occur due to vehicles, heat stroke, alcohol or drug abuse or because of workplace injuries.

Suffer a Personal Injury While Working at a Public Event in Austin?

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