Workers CompensationBuffalo Wild Wings Waitress Seeks Legal Action After Slip and Fall in Workplace

On December 9, former server Amanda Beuhler entered the Beaumont Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in which she worked to get her upcoming work schedule. However, as she walked into the kitchen, the newly mopped and degreased floor was exceptionally slick. In a matter of seconds, Beuhler became the victim of a serious slip and fall accident and broke her ankle.

In a recently filed lawsuit by Beuhler and her legal representation against RC Port Arthur, the group doing business as Buffalo Wild Wings, the suit states that there were no warning signs posted in the kitchen area to caution about the wet and potentially dangerous floor.

The suit claims that the failure of RC Port Arthur to give adequate warning of the wet floor caused Beuhler’s injury. She is seeking exemplary damages for gross negligence in addition to compensation for her anguish, pain, lost wages as well as past and future medical bills. The lawsuit was filed on December 13 in Jefferson County District Court.

I Suffered a Slip and Fall Injury at Work. Do I Qualify for Workers Comp?

All employees in Texas have the legal right to file workers compensation if they suffer on-the-job injuries. This includes slip and fall accidents, injuries caused by falling debris and wet or dangerous parking areas.

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