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Second generation Austin personal injury law firm, offering a free consultation, for workers compensation, auto accidents, medical malpractice and more.At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, our Austin personal injury lawyer serves the needs of clients as his father did when he began the firm in 1978. We understand that our clients face real challenges when confronting an injury and dealing with insurance companies. After an accident, you need to focus on your physical recovery. However, it is hard to do so when worrying about affording necessary medical care and replacing lost wages. Should you file a lawsuit for these bills and to get compensation for your pain and suffering? That’s a question that our personal injury law firm wants to help you answer. A lawsuit is not always your best option. But, you can decide that after talking with a lawyer. We founded our law firm to provide free consultations for personal injury and workers compensation cases.

A Family Tradition of Community Support, Help for Injured Workers in Austin

Personal injury lawyer Aaron Allison started working at his father’s law firm as a clerk at the age of 14. He built upon his father’s traditions and strong presence in the community, developing a family-run office that takes the time and effort to grant you the recovery you deserve. We are a small firm by choice: we choose to work with who we trust, and we only take cases in which we strongly believe.

While we handle many personal injury cases, including car accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice (such as cerebral palsy), child injuries and public transportation accidents, we offer a unique advantage for Texas workers injured on the job in workers compensation cases (WC). Due to Texas workers compensation laws, most lawyers stopped handling WC cases. Of the 95,000 attorneys working in Texas, only 40 represent the injured worker in straight workers compensation cases, including us. In central Texas, there are only four firms that handle straight workers compensation cases. In that regard, our law firm still proudly provides assistance for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries at work, as we have for decades.

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Our personal injury attorney brings extensive skill and experience to each client’s case. We know that no two cases are exactly alike. But, no matter the circumstances, everyone injured by another has the right to seek compensation and justice. Contact our lawyer by calling (512) 474-8346. You can also submit a case evaluation form to schedule a free consultation.

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What Others Say About Aaron Allison

“I looked at several attorney’s for my husband’s case, and Aaron looks like he was the best one. He was the best Worker’s Comp attorney in our area of Texas. So, we called and made an appointment for an initial visit. Once we talked to him we got that he knows his job. Plus he’s very nice and very personable. We could tell that right away.”

— Mrs. Mario Caballero, Austin, Texas

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