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If your employer carries workers comp, it is the exclusive remedy for your injuries after premises liability injuries.If you are hurt on the premises of another individual or business due to unsafe property conditions, you may seek damages in a premises liability claim. To have a strong premises liability claim in Austin, you must prove the personal injury suffered at a retail business, restaurant, hotel or someone’s home occurred because the land or property owner failed to act reasonably to prevent or fix dangerous conditions. A common injury in premises liability is from slip and fall accidents. When a Texas worker suffers a slip and fall on the job, premises liability may overlap with work injury law. This is usually the case if an employer does not have workers comp insurance or a party other than the employer is at fault for the slip and fall in the workplace.

The Law Offices of Aaron Allison is one of only four law firms in central Texas that handles Austin workers comp claims. Our Austin workers compensation attorney proudly represents the hurt workers of the Lone Star state. Our law firm’s unique experience handling Texas workers compensation claims and premises liability litigation allows us to represent cases from workers hurt on the job and recover additional damages from negligent property owners.

Effects of Dangerous Property

A premises liability injury has many different forms and varying causes. Examples of premises liability claims that can happen at homes, businesses or at work include the following:

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If your employer participates in the Texas workers compensation system, you will not need to prove negligence or fault to recover basic benefits for lost income and medical expenses. In fact, you would be precluded from suing your employer for additional damages. That is because workers comp is the exclusive remedy against your company for your injuries.

However, if your employer does not carry workers compensation, an Austin workers compensation lawyer will need to prove employer negligence. Of the approximately 95,000 attorneys in Texas, only approximately 40 represent the injured worker in workers comp claims, including ourselves.

If someone other than your employer is responsible for property maintenance, you maybe be able to recover from more than one party. For example, you can seek a workers compensation claim to cover your lost income and treatment and a premises liability claim against a negligent landlord or site owner for additional damages.

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Our firm represents workers injured on job sites in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and throughout Texas. If you were hurt on somebody else’s property, contact our Austin injury attorney online. You can call our office at (512) 474-8346. The first meeting is free. Furthermore, we typically work on a contingency basis. This means we do not charge attorney fees unless we recover money for you.