Spinal Cord Injury at Work

What Do I Do? Who Do I Call?

Austin personal injury attorney handling spinal cord injury at work claimsAfter you get medical attention, you next need to find out about your employer’s workers compensation program. Does your employer even have one? As your bills pile up, you want to make sure to document everything properly and follow your employer’s rules. However, you may be entitled to more benefits than you know about. Because of this, an injured worker should talk to an Austin workers compensation attorney as soon as possible. Even if the employer carries workers compensation insurance, you might have trouble securing benefits guaranteed by Texas workers compensation laws. In cases of back and spinal cord injuries, compensation is essential to paying for both the hospital bills and physical therapy needed in recovery.

Our ability to resolve both personal injury lawsuits and workers comp claims helps you get access to both systems of payment. This includes whether your injuries were in construction accidents, a job-related car crash or a mishap in a warehouse.

Do Employers Have to Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Texas employers do not have to carry workers compensation insurance. Therefore, your rights in a back or spinal cord injury case will depend, in part, on whether your company participates in the workers comp system. If your employer is covered, you collect basic benefits on proof of the injury itself and its connection to your job. Otherwise, you can sue your employer for personal injury damages.

If your employer does not subscribe to a workers compensation plan, we will examine your case for the possibility of proving negligence against the party responsible for your back or neck injuries.

Consider that the damages available in a personal injury lawsuit are usually much greater than workers comp benefits. Thus, it is essential to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to represent both workers compensation and negligence claims.

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