Premises LiabilityAustin residents be advised: Teavana recalls hazardous product

Each year thousands of new products are released into the country. Whether it’s the latest version of a smartphone or a jet pack, new products are constantly being introduced and advertised. Many Austin residents have purchased several new products this year but sometimes products are made with defects that can result in harmful injuries or even death. From choking hazards to increase risk of cancer, some products are hazardous. Austin product liability lawyers have seen their fair share of dangerous products that are available to the public. The newest product to be released and recalled is from a company called Teavana.

Teavana had received 302 reports of the glass shattering or breaking in its Glass Tea Tumbler, with six reports resulting in lacerations and burns. Injuries also include cut fingers, legs and burnt toes. Around 445,000 of these products were released to the United States. It is illegal to resell any of these products; Teavana is recalling all models due to their potential harm.

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