School bus crash causes injuries to children

Nothing has brought parents more joy and pain than having a child. From the moment of birth children are a blessing. For many children, taking the school bus is part of their daily routine. Parents often relinquish their worries once the kids are on the bus safely but after a recent bus accident, many Texas parents have reason to worry after several kids were injured. Austin child injury attorneys know how devastating a child injury can be.

Recently the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that a three-vehicle accident involving a school bus caused injury to three children plus the bus driver and the death of another driver. The accident was caused by a driver who swerved into the lane of the school bus. The bus driver attempted to avoid the car but it was too late. After a three car crash, three children riding on the school bus were sent to the hospital with injuries. It is unclear at this time if drugs or alcohol were involved.

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