Car AccidentsPremises LiabilityFamily blames Austin bar for drunk driving fatality

Drinking and driving can be fatal. One family has learned the hard way and has retained an Austin car accident attorney to take action against the Austin bar that served the drunk driver.

The family of a 25 year old that died in a car accident is now suing the bar that served the son’s driver claiming that the bar over served the driver. The family is not only suing the bar for wrongful death, but they are also suing the bartenders that served their son’s friend who later drove the car that led to their son’s death. The accident occurred when the friend mistakenly believed that she was getting on the ramp to interstate 35 but in actuality, she was driving her car down a boat ramp into Lady Bird Lake. The car plummeted into the lake. The driver and another passenger escaped but the 25 year old in the back seat was not so fortunate and he drowned. The family of the deceased young man explains that their $1 million lawsuit is not about the money but more about sending a message to local bars not to serve obviously intoxicated patrons.

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