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Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes even a car manufacturer. In those cases, hopefully the mistake is caught early and a recall is made to avoid a potential clash with Austin Product Liability Lawyers. However, one particular car manufacturer is taking its chances.

Chrysler has repeatedly refused the government’s request to recall 2.7 million Grand Cherokee Jeeps from 1993 to 2004 and Liberty Jeeps from 2002 to 2007. The government is alleging that the older models of the Jeeps are unsafe due to alleged risks of fire upon a rear end impact. Chrysler has vehemently denied that its vehicles are unsafe despite the fact that 51 people have died from an impact induced fire. The government has concerns that the location of the gas tank near the rear axle might be the problem that leads to explosions upon impact. Chrysler defends that the vehicles in question are more than twenty years old and they were safe for that era, having passed all safety regulations at that time. Chrysler further alleges that it is unfair to hold those vehicles to the new standards of today. Chrysler has used this same argument and won with other potential recalls but it’s a risky call for public relations purposes.

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