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March 3, 2020by Aaron Allison

Austin wrongful death attorney Aaron Allison discusses what an attorney can do for the loved ones of a person that has died after an accident. For more information, call (512) 474-8346.

Video Transcription:

If you obtain a result for them, you’re giving them financial support that the deceased would have provided. In some situations, you’re able to provide that support for the children in regard to education and training that if that parent had survived, he or she would have provided to the child. In those situations, yeah, those are gratifying situations when you can obtain a large recovery for a family that’s going to help them with their financial lives and moving forward, but at the same time, you come to the realization that it’s also sad. It doesn’t matter what amount of money you get for them or obtain for them, you’re never going to be bringing back the family member. You can’t bring them back and that’s heartbreaking. As personal injury lawyers, the best we can do is try to obtain a financial result for our clients, but we never make them whole. You can never make them whole. I’m going to do personal injury trial, our workers’ injury trial law, you have to come to the realization and acceptance of that fact and you have to be able to communicate that to your clients that no matter what the lawyer does for you, you’re never going to be made whole ever. For more information, go to

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