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After a June collapse at the Texas A&M Equine Complex that injured four workers, two construction companies have been cited for violations and fined by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), according to The Eagle.

The four workers were injured while working on the Equine Complex’s 300-foot barn, which was under construction at the time. According to OSHA citations, the barn collapsed due to a failure in structural stability, injuring the workers in the process. Reports stated the collapse occurred when a worker released a rafter from a crane before bracing it properly.

Gamma Construction Co. was brought on by Texas A&M as the general contractor on the Equine Complex project. However, all four of the injured workers worked for Ramco Erectors, a subcontractor hired by Gamma Construction.

Both Gamma Construction and Ramco Erectors were cited and fined for the accident by OSHA. Gamma Construction was issued a citation for failing to maintain structural stability and fined $6,300 for not replacing critical rigging materials. Ramco Erectors was ordered to pay a $40,500 penalty and cited for seven violations by OSHA, including: failure to instruct employees on unsafe conditions, not inspecting rigging equipment, failure to ensure fall protection components, failure to remove defective hooks and not providing a safe work environment.

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