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After the wrongful death of a loved one due to a work accident, you need to speak to a lawyer. Austin wrongful death attorney Aaron Allison explains why this is necessary in the following video. For more information, call (512) 474-8346.

Video Transcription:

If the employer is a subscriber to workers comp, the statute provides a lifetime benefit for the spouse and children of a deceased employee. That’s under the act that Texas workers compensation code or act those are called death cases under workers comp in a non-subscriber context, you’re looking at a claim for the death of that person, usually in a lump sum settlement for that person for the loss of their life, for the loss of their future earning capacity and you’re trying to obtain a result in that case which compensates the family, the children and the spouse of the deceased worker. In death cases, death cases are the hardest cases that we do we take, the person is not just injured and going to heal and possibly move on with their life, a person’s life is completely over, everything that they are and everything that they were going to be is over and so those are very hard cases. You’re dealing with a family which has a catastrophic loss someone that they love to someone that supported them, that they relied on for support, the best that you can do in that situation is obtain the best compensation for the family and what you’re trying to do but you never succeed at it is you’re trying to obtain an amount of money or a benefit that would take the place of the support that the deceased was providing to his family. That’s the best you can do. For more information go to

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