Personal InjuryWhy a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

After suffering from a personal injury, you will most likely begin searching for legal representation. It is important to evaluate each attorney that you meet, assessing both their strengths and weaknesses. However, each attorney that you meet will be conducting their own evaluation of your case’s potential. There are many reasons why a personal injury lawyer would choose to not take your case. These reasons include:

  • Issues surrounding liability. Many people assume that attorneys can get them financial compensation after an accident. However, if you are responsible for your own injuries, then there will be no recovery. Another party must be partially or fully responsible for your injuries in order for an attorney to take on your case.
  • Legal expenses. The majority of personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. This means that your attorney is not getting paid unless you recover damages. Often times, a personal injury lawyer will pay for some of the expenses related to a case. This includes services like taking depositions, paying for medical experts and setting up exhibits. If the expenses are too much, then an attorney may refuse to take on your case.
  • Time requirements. Every attorney that you meet will analyze how long your case will take to fully resolve. If a case requires a lengthy time commitment, then he or she may not receive the money that was invested in the case for a long time. Many attorneys will choose to take on projects with a shorter completion date instead.
  • Limited resources of the defendant. An attorney’s decision to not take your case may have nothing to do with you personally. However, it could have something to do with the defendant’s ability to pay the claim. With most personal injury cases, the defendant’s insurance company will help pay for any damages. Even still, there are situations where an insurance claim is denied or the defendant does not have insurance coverage. These are all instances where an attorney could refuse to take on your case.
  • Conflict of interest. If an attorney has a history of working with someone that you want to sue, then he or she would most likely not take your case. Also, if an attorney is representing another party involved in your claim, then this would also represent a conflict of interest.

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