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Austin consistently ranks as one of the fastest growing urban cities in America. Many younger adults are moving to this city due to an increase in employment opportunities and a higher quality of life. When traveling through downtown Austin, electric scooters are rapidly becoming the preferred method of transportation.

However, the Public Health and Transportation departments in Austin have noticed an increase in injuries related to scooter accidents. They have partnered with researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to study the rise of injuries from shareable electric scooters.

Our Austin personal injury attorneys want you to stay accident-free when riding an electric scooter. The following tips will help you safely ride an electric scooter in Austin:

  • Avoid drain grates. Bicycles and mopeds have zero difficulties riding over sewers and grates. However, the wheels on electric scooters are smaller and often get caught in the spaces. If the wheels on your electric scooter get caught, then you could fly over the handlebars and badly injure yourself.
  • Remain vigilant on damp roads. Electric scooters have less traction than bicycles or motor vehicles. When traveling on a damp road, the wheels on an electric scooter may lose traction, forcing you to lose control. It is best to avoid damp roads whenever possible when riding an electric scooter.
  • Wear a helmet. Although wearing a helmet seems like obvious advice, many people choose to ride electric scooters without them. Accidents can occur at any moment, and a helmet can protect you from injuring your brain. If you are going to make regular use of electric scooters, then you should consider investing in a helmet.
  • Look out for pedestrians. It is important to always yield the right of way to pedestrians when riding an electric scooter. You should also refrain from blocking the sidewalk when riding an electric scooter and ensure that pedestrians have plenty of space to move.
  • Don’t text and scoot. For most people, it seems insane to text while riding an electric scooter. However, distracted riders are the main cause of the majority of accidents. Many people pride themselves on having the ability to multi-task and wind up paying a severe price for it after an accident.

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While electric scooters are relatively new to the scene, accidents in downtown Austin are steadily increasing. Many Austin residents are hopping on electric scooters for the first time and are vulnerable to injury.

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