Car AccidentsWhose Fault Are Truck Accidents? Part 3: The Truck Manufacturer

truck driver causes an accidentThe most prevalent factor in truck accidents is driver error, but even in situations where a truck driver causes an accident, there can still be other parties that might be liable for accidents. One such party: the manufacturer of the truck’s components.

Some common incidents that cause accidents include tire blowouts, brake failure and others. When these happen, sometimes the manufacturer of the defective or broken part can be to blame. But proving this can be difficult.

How Can a Truck Manufacturer Be Liable for an Accident?

There are three different ways that a manufacturer might be responsible for a truck accident:

  1. Manufacturing defects. These occurs when a piece of equipment leaves the manufacturer in a defective state, which can result in injury. Often, these defects occur as a result of flaws in the construction of a component. An example would be if a truck piece left the manufacturer without an important screw.
  2. Defective design. These errors occur when every copy of a product has an inherently dangerous flaw. One example of this is the Takata air bags, which can explode under humid conditions.
  3. Failure to warn. Some parts of vehicles are inherently dangerous, so companies are required to provide proper warnings on the product packaging. If they do not and injury results, the manufacturer can be held liable.

If you are involved in a truck accident, an attorney can help investigate your case to name all potentially liable parties and help you seek recovery from those parties.

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