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The Benefits of Dedicated Legal Representation

Injured workers can receive aid from omsbudsmen free of charge after being hurt on the job. However, it may benefit you to instead seek representation from a dedicated workers comp attorney. At our law firm, we only accept cases if we believe we can add more value to the case than you could receive on your own. In this video, Austin workers comp lawyer Aaron Allison explains the difference between attorneys and omsbudsmen in workers’ comp cases.

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Video Transcription:

An ombudsman is a state employee who is trained in workers compensation law and their job is to assist the injured worker in presenting their case to the judge. Now, they’re not attorneys, they are not licensed to practice law in the State of Texas. However, they do have special training in workers compensation law and they are free of charge to the injured worker. An omsbudsman is not an attorney. An attorney is a specialist in the law duly licensed and appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of Texas. Those lawyers who practice workers compensation law are super specialists in that area of the law. With an attorney, you get a deeper understanding of the intricacies of workers compensation law. Workers compensation law is extremely complicated and bureaucratic. There are multiple decisions that come out for the Supreme Court of the State of Texas and the appeals panel , which is the appellate court for workers comp, yearly and those have to be interpreted and those change how workers’ compensation cases are presented.

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