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Austin PI Lawyer Explains the Need for Dedication and Experience

There are many personal injury attorneys in Austin, but not all of them offer the same quality representation. Aaron Allison is a trial litigator. He does not simply settle a case for a low-ball offer to take attorney fees and close the file. Aaron Allison zealously advocates for his clients in a courtroom, and he will present the case to a judge and jury if a fair settlement offer is not made. In this video, Aaron Allison explains the differences between the various types of personal injury lawyers and how our law firm is uniquely qualified to handle your case.

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Video Transcription:

There are a lot of personal injury lawyers who don’t go to trial and they’re called transactional or sitting attorneys. Usually they’re partnered with a lawyer who is a trial lawyer, who does go to the courthouse. They stay back at the office and they work the files or they work the relationship with the insurance adjustors or attorneys and they usually are in charge of the marketing for that firm. And the trial lawyer is designated or his partner is designated to go to court and do everything that you see lawyers do in court every day which is talk to the judge, talk to the juries. A lot of personal injury lawyers will settle cases too soon especially inexperienced personal injury trial lawyers, young trial lawyers. Usually they’re in solo practitioner small partnerships and they’re under an enormous amount of pressure to make costs on a monthly basis. And sometimes they won’t have the patience that’s necessary to work with the insurance companies to maximize the return for their clients. It’s not that they do it on purpose, and it’s not that they’re being unethical. It has more to do with their patience and their experience with the practice.

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