Car AccidentsSUV and Capital Metro Bus Collide in Central Austin, Five People Report Injuries

An accident involving a Capital Metro bus and sport utility vehicle (SUV) required eight people to seek medical evaluations, with five individuals needing transportation to local hospitals for their injuries. The accident occurred on December 31 close to MoPac at the corner of Newfield Lane and Enfield Road in the afternoon.

The Austin Fire Department was required on the scene to rescue two individuals trapped in the SUV due to an SUV rollover. Authorities from Capital Metro reported that the bus driver is not at fault, as another driver ran a red light prior to the accident.

I Was Involved in a Bus Accident. What Are My Legal Rights?

Accidents between buses and other motor vehicles can be complex to handle because of the multitude of parties who may be responsible. Bus accidents can be the fault of the bus driver, bus company or another driver attempting to share the road with the bus.

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