Car AccidentsRollover Accident Takes Austin Woman’s Life

Tall and narrow vehicles that sit higher off the ground such as sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and vans may be more prone to rollover accidents. In this type of accident, if vehicle occupants are not wearing their seat belts, they can be severely injured by being thrown out of the vehicle.

On August 27, 2012, a woman driving a Suburban rolled her vehicle. She apparently was going to exit Interstate 35 at the Slaughter exit. Yet, according to witnesses, she may have been lost and at the last minute attempted to get back on I-35. Her last minute attempt caused her vehicle to swerve and then roll several times. She was thrown from her vehicle and later died at a local hospital.

Texas rollover accidents such as the recent one can be extremely serious. On a nationwide basis, consumer reports found that in 2009 more than 8,200 of the 23,382 motor vehicle-related deaths involved rollover accidents.

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