Road Rage Leads to Many Texas Car Crashes

Aggressive drivers are a problem in most major cities. This is not an exception in Austin. An aggressive tailgater or a pick-up truck that tries to pass a slower driver in the shoulder of a highway can easily cause a Texas car accident.

For example, recently one driver waiting to make a left-hand turn heard a pick-up driver behind her honk impatiently. When there was an opening in traffic, the pick-up driver accelerated quickly and attempted to pass as they were both turning. While the pick-up driver did not make it around, this could have easily caused an accident.

The San Antonio Express-News recently found that from 2007 and 2011, Texas police cited road rage as a contributing factor in more than 4,400 crashes that injured almost 2,000 people and killed 32 across the state. Last year, approximately 800 crashes involved road rage.

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