Workers CompensationRailroad Employee Accuses Supervisor of Rushing Bridge Work, Seeks Lawsuit for Damages

An employee of Union Pacific has filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas on December 23 against the railroad company after suffering injuries in a workplace accident. The railroad worker, David B. Frederick, alleges that his on-the-job injuries occurred when the supervisor handling the Prescott, Arkansas bridgework job site urged a coworker and him to complete the job quickly.

Frederick claims that this urgency from his supervisor to rush the job caused him to fall off the bridge after he exited a vehicle located on top of the structure. He accuses Union Pacific Railroad Company of acting negligent in failing to supervise the work site, have adequate guardrails or another type of barrier to prevent his fall, not providing a safe working environment, trying to rush the job, not planning the job properly and failing to construct an adequate walkway on the bridge.

In the lawsuit, Frederick is seeking damages for his medical bills, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, mental anguish, physical impairment and disfigurement, pain and suffering as well as compensation for household services, interest and court costs.

My Supervisor’s Negligence Caused Me to Suffer Injuries. Do I Have a Workers Comp Claim?

When you receive directives from your supervisor or employer that causes you to sustain serious injuries, you may be entitled to file legal action against those responsible in a workers comp or possibly a third-party claim.

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