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The death of a man who suffered fatal injuries to the head on May 15 at a Houston hotel may have been preventable, his family claims.

A lawsuit, filed by William Lake III’s surviving spouse and three young children in the Harris County District Court on November 14 and received by the Houston federal court on December 18, states that at the time of injury, Lake was a hotel guest at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport Marriot in Houston. It was during this stay that Lake used the hotel’s exercise room, which included a treadmill maintained by the fitness equipment maintenance company Exer-Tech.

According to the suit, the treadmill Lake used at the Marriot was in some way defective, and this defect caused Lake to fall while using the machine and forcefully hit his head. The trauma he sustained to his head was ultimately fatal.

Included in the lawsuit is the hotel for negligently failing to take measures to address the hazardous conditions of the treadmill as well as Exer-Tech for failing to provide proper maintenance and/or repair the exercise equipment.

I Suffered Injuries on Another Person’s Property. What Are My Legal Rights?

When an individual sustains serious injuries due to dangerous property conditions, he or she may have the right to pursue damages from the negligent property owner. This includes injuries on a private property, business in addition to a work-related accident. All property owners have a duty to ensure that the premises and any fixtures, furniture or machinery receives reasonable maintenance and are not defective, and that guests receive warnings about known dangers.

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