Car AccidentsHow Often Do Cars Crash Into Buildings?

Car crashes into buildings are surprisingly common. According to Rob Reiter, the co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council, on average, about 60 vehicles will crash into a commercial building in the United States every day. These crashes result in about 4,000 injuries annually, including about 500 deaths.
Cars Crash Into Buildings
For the most part, fatalities or injuries caused by these crashes are preventable. Business owners should take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of their customers and their workers by installing appropriate protective devices, such as concrete bollards, wheel stops, fences, planters and curbs.

What is a Local Example of a Car Crash Into a Building?

Recently, a woman was injured after another person’s car crashed into the Texas State Optical store in Kyle, Texas. The injured woman had been in the store when the wreck occurred. The driver claims that a combination of unintended acceleration and his ineffective brakes were the cause of the crash.

Did a Negligent Driver in Austin, Texas Injure You?

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