Austin, TXNew Austin Police Dept. Report Reveals Most Deadly Crashes Happen After Midnight

New statistics from the Austin Police Department shed light on theiStock_000030703104_Mediumcontributing factors to the rise in fatalities on Austin roads.

The APD report shows that the majority of deadly accidents happen after midnight.

APD found 95 percent of the 23 pedestrian fatalities involved a victim who crossed when or where crossing was prohibited, and that 82 percent of the overall number of pedestrian fatalities were on a highway or high speed roadway. The APD report also illustrates that 68 percent of the fatalities happened during nighttime hours.

The APD report shows 55 percent of motorcycle deaths happened on high-traffic city streets; only one occurred on I-35. Of the 11 people killed, APD says 36 percent did not have a license, and more than a fourth of the victims had a previous license suspension. Furthermore, more than half of those killed had previous convictions. Four of the five victims found to be speeding had previously been cited for speeding with one of the victims having seven previous speeding convictions.

So far this year, 41 people have been killed in motor vehicle collisions in Austin. Of the 41, 85 percent happened on a highway or high-capacity roadway. Impairment was involved in more than half of the crashes. Speeding was a contributing factor in 39 percent of car crash fatalities.

Friday and Saturday were the most common days for deadly motor vehicle crashes, and most incidents happened between midnight and 5 a.m.

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