Bus AccidentsAustin’s CapMetro Buses Involved in 500 Crashes Annually

October 12, 2015by Aaron Allison

Austin’s Capital Metro buses get into more than 500 accidents annually, averaging moreiStock_000003274085_Medium than one crash-incident every day, according to new company data.

For the first three quarters of this year, there were 459 accidents. If accidents continue at this rate, there will be more than 600 CapMetro bus accidents by the end of the year – a 20 percent increase from 2014. CapMetro buses were involved in 505 accidents in 2013 and 509 in 2014.

Francine Pares, CapMetro communications manager, said more than half of those accidents could not have been prevented by CapMetro drivers.

Nearly 45 percent could have been prevented, Pares said.

The company said a preventable accident may not cause damage or an injury. An accident could be as simple as hitting a low-hanging tree branch. But an accident could also have tragic results.

Just last month, a bus driver killed a 20-year-old woman as she crossed the street in North Austin. The driver was given a ticket, cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian and put on administrative leave.

CapMetro drivers go through 240 hours of training and have a commercial driver’s license. They also take four hours of refresher courses each year.

How do CapMetro accidents occur?

Austin’s public transportation carrier, CapMetro, provides commuting options in the area, including buses, light rail trains (MetroRail) and vans for vanpooling. Accidental injuries involving CapMetro system vehicles occur in a number of ways:

  • MetroRail trains may strike pedestrians, or collide with vehicles at crossings
  • CapMetro buses may strike cars, pedestrians or bicycles
  • CapMetro buses may brake suddenly, causing injury to passengers
  • Or other accidents involving MetroRideShare or MetroAccess

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