Keys and Drink
Photo of a glass of alcohol next to a set of car keys

KXAN reports that after killing a jogger in a hit-and-run, Roman Turullos-Gonzalez has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10,000.

Two years ago, Turullos-Gonzalez was driving on Slaughter Lane when he struck and killed Mark Gobble, who was jogging at the time of the crash.

Turullos-Gonzalez said in testimony that that he was drifting between lanes. Once he saw Gobble, it was too late. He claimed that he stopped and got out to check on Gobble, but fear and panic caused him to flee the scene.

Turullos-Gonzalez escaped to a wooded area for three days until he decided to turn himself in. In court, he admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol before the incident.

At his sentencing on June 10, Judge David Wahlberg said that Turullos-Gonzalez would serve at least six months in prison. He gets to spend the remainder of his 10-year sentence on probation if he has good behavior while behind bars.

Prosecutors expressed skepticism at the possibility that Turullos-Gonzalez could serve his time on probation without getting into trouble. During the trial, he continually failed drug and alcohol tests.

I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney

Gobble was a former Texas School for the Deaf teacher. At the sentencing, members from the deaf community testified on this well-known and respected member of the community.

Once again, the victim comes up on the losing end, while the reckless driver continues to live his life as if nothing happened. A person who has carelessly taken the life of another should not get off easily.

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