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Summer is almost around the corner, which means many people will be hitting the lakes and rivers for boating and swimming. However, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) says that since May of this year, 24 people have lost their lives in boating accidents. This is unusually high for this time of the year.

Last year in Texas, there were 146 boating accidents, 31 of which resulted in fatalities.

Sadly, most of these deaths could have been prevented if boaters had taken necessary safety precautions. For instance, the U.S. Coast Guard says that 90 percent of drowning victims in a boating accident would be alive if they had a life jacket on.

Due to these dangers in boating, TPWD has released a PSA video that encourages young adults to follow basic safety guidelines when out on a boat.

The Texas Legislature has mandated that the new video be shown in all driver education courses. This means that nearly a quarter million 15 and 16 year olds will see this video annually.

The video stresses four safety precautions that all boaters should follow:

  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Always use the kill switch (stops the engine if you fall overboard)
  • Learn how to swim
  • Take a Boater Education course from TPWD

Additionally, the video has more somber moments. Jessica Montez, who lost a friend to a boating accident, said in the video, “you never think it’s going to happen to you or anybody you care for.”

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It is important for all of us to heed the TPWD safety precautions for boating. Unfortunately, there will always be those individuals who endanger the lives of you and your fellow boaters. When these reckless boaters cause serious injury to you or a loved one, you need an experienced personal injury attorney.

Did You Know? According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, it is mandatory for anyone born after September 1, 1993 to obtain a boater’s education certificate.

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Source: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/newsmedia/releases/?req=20140529a

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