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After school bus accidents, you may seek compensation from The Texas Tort Claims Act & other third parties, such as a repair facility.Many parents rely on the school bus to bring their children safely to and from school. Unfortunately, poor bus maintenance, the actions of the bus driver or negligent drivers on the road can put innocent children in harm’s way. When children suffer serious injuries on a school bus, parents may not know where to turn.

Our Austin personal injury lawyer commits himself to providing honest and competent legal counsel to the families of injured children. If you are in need of guidance after a school bus accident, call our office at (512) 474-8346. Our Austin personal injury law firm understands the emotional turmoil that can accompany a child suffering serious harm. We offer professional and aggressive representation you can trust.

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Parents can reasonably expect that the school bus driver and school district will take steps to ensure a safe ride day in and day out. When they fail to uphold basic standards of safety and conduct, their passengers are often the ones who suffer the most. School bus accidents have many causes, but they often include:

  • Run-over accidents on streets and in parking lots
  • Passenger accidents inside the bus
  • Assault, bullying or sexual assault
  • School bus crash with bicycles

It can be a challenge to obtain the compensation that a child needs after an injury involving a school bus. The government often owns school buses. Thus, pursuing legal action against a school district requires an experienced and qualified Austin accident lawyer.

The Texas Tort Claims Act provides one possible avenue for obtaining compensation. Additionally, there may also be a nongovernmental third party involved. This might include a repair facility or a negligent driver that crashed into the bus. At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we explore every possible legal avenue so that injured children and their families can recover, heal and move forward with fair compensation.

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We strongly encourage you to contact a personal injury lawyer if your young son or daughter was in a bus accident in Austin or anywhere else in the Lone Star state. You do not have to handle this situation alone. For a free consultation with an Austin injury attorney, contact our office online or give us a call at (512) 474-8346. We will work with your family to choose the very best course of action.

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