Austin, TXPersonal InjuryVideo LibraryHow Should I Feel After My First Meeting With a Lawyer?

You should feel comfortable after your first meeting with a lawyer. Austin personal injury attorney Aaron Allison discusses what you should expect in this video. For more information, call (512) 474-8346.

Video Transcription:

When you come to see a lawyer for the first time, whether you’re injured on the job or you’re injured in a car accident or a trucking accident or a construction accident, whether you’re a case. When you leave the lawyer’s offices for the first time, the feeling you should have is one of relief. If you don’t feel that, then something’s wrong. A lawyer cannot guarantee a result, as I said before, all I guarantee is I’ll do my very best for my client. I’ll never lie to them, I’ll never cheat them, I’ll be accessible to them and I’ll give them the benefit pf all my years of experience in training to get a result for them. Many clients leave my offices for the first time so relieved. Mr. Allison because I was so worried about the unknown, I didn’t know what I could do or couldn’t do and I’m relieved and now I do know, you’ve empowered me with that information and I’m also relieved that I don’t have to worry about this case anymore, I can go out and worry about things in my life that I can control. My relationship with my family, other things that I can control. I’m relieved that now I’ve put it on you, you’ve accepted this responsibility of representing me to get a result for me, whatever that is, and you’re going to do the work and now that’s off my shoulders and on yours, and the only person I have to communicate with is you, and now I’m relieved because I have knowledge and I’m relieved because this problem has now been transferred to you and you’re going to go do your work in the hopes of obtaining a result for both of us, and I’m gonna go on with my daily life. And so what a client should feel when they’re leaving your office for the first time is a sense of relief and if they don’t, then maybe that’s not the lawyer that you want representing you. For more information, go to

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